1927 Park Street, Alameda




Offering Price: $675,000.

To download the 2-page Brochure, click here.


Salient Features:

          Approximately 6,411 Sq. Ft. corner lot located at the “Gateway” entrance to Alameda on Park

          Property is designated as Community Commercial in Alameda’s General Plan.

          Property is located in the North Park Street Gateway Zoning District (NP-G).

          Property Use is governed by Section 30-4.25 of the Alameda, CA Municipal Code.

          Current utilities include Electric, Water and Sewer.

          Existing 1-car curb-cut on Park Street, and a 2-car curb-cut on Blanding Avenue.

Pursuant to Section 30-4.25 of the Alameda, CA Municipal Code.…

          Some Allowed Land Uses permitted “by right” include Retail, Art Gallery, Museum, Restaurant, Cafe,
                 Conference Center, Hotel, Banks/Financial, etc.

          Some Land Uses such as a Convenience Store, Bars/Tavern, Health Clinic, Veterinary Clinic, Auto Sales,
                 etc. would require a Conditional Permit.

          Uses not permitted include Day Care, School, Boat Sales, Religious Assembly, etc.

Useful Links

          Alameda Zoning Map.

          City Ordinance Amending Sections of the Municipal Code.

          Section 30-4.25 of the Alameda, CA Municipal Code.

          Article in the July 27, 2016 East Bay Times publication.

          Bridgett Shank’s Architectural Rendition of Gateway Site across the street at 1926 Park Street.